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      Harold Wood Cleaning Company worked hard in order to complete the job with as little disruption as feasible.
Timothy Hill 25/10/2023
      Harold Wood Cleaners was cheaper than other cleaning companies so I decided to give them a try. I thought that due to the price I was quoted, that the service would be lacking in some manner. I couldn't have been more wrong. Everything their crew did was exceptional. They went from room to room and cleaned everything in a professional and systematic manner. When they'd finished, I was amazed, had never seen my house look so clean! It was deep cleaning at its best.
Jim G19/05/2020
     I call Harold Wood Carpet Cleaning every six months for carpet cleaning. Best cleaners!
Kristy Brock20/09/2019
     After searching online for cleaning services, I selected Harold Wood Carpet Cleaning. The experience from my first contact with cleaning expert was outstanding. The pricing was also very reasonable given the effort they put in.
     I was pleased with Harold Wood Cleaning Company who cleaned my carpets in my office after some renovation work. The cleaners steam cleaned the hardwearing fitted carpets and left them immaculate. A service worth every penny!
      Harold Wood Cleaning Company did a great job at cleaning my oven. The service was cheap, the cleaner worked quickly and my oven has never looked cleaner! Great value for money as well, thanks.
Simon R.14/10/2015
     I run an art studio from my house and give art lessons to people of all ages every afternoon of the week. That means my studio can get pretty untidy fairly quickly. That's why I rely on the services of Carpet Cleaners Harold Wood to clean my studio once a week. The cleaners arrive, armed with their buckets and cleaning products and make sure all the paint is scrubbed of all services and that everything is in its rightful place come Monday morning. A pleasure to employ - well done!
Sarah R.15/01/2015
     Our sports centre changing rooms need cleaning on a daily basis because they are heavily used and get very dirty very quickly. We needed a cleaning company who were able to come to our premises outside opening hours and give them a really thorough clean using the most cutting edge cleaning products on the market. Appointing Carpet Cleaners Harold Wood was the best decision we ever made. They are on time, on the ball and very much on hand to do serious cleaning whenever we need it and our premises including the changing rooms are extremely pristine and cleaned to a very high standard.
Michelle T.14/11/2014
     I have heard a lot of cautionary tales about hiring professional cleaners. From stories about things getting damaged to items from around the house going missing, if there is one bit of advice I've always kept in mind it is that to only hire a trustworthy cleaning agency. You cannot take a chance on an unheard of cleaning team: not only for monetary protection, but also for the sentimental value of the things around the house. That is why I've always chosen to work with Carpet Cleaners Harold Wood and continue to recommend them to all my friends and family. I know that my things are in trustworthy and responsible hands and I can leave the house to the cleaners without worrying for a minute.
Angie V.19/09/2014
     Cleaning is one of those jobs that we hate but has to be done; well that's how I feel about it anyway! The worst part about cleaning is that the mission is never ending and it's never complete because as soon as you accomplish it, it needs doing again, before you know it! At first I thought hiring cleaners was the lazy way out but after Carpet Cleaners Harold Wood came to visit I changed my view, my home has never looked this clean before and I don't care if people thinks it's lazy because my home looks fabulous and that is all that matters!
     Cleaning companies can often be a little hit and miss, so if you find a company that you feel are particularly excellent for your needs, then you will no doubt be wanting to stick with them as long as you can! I have always used Carpet Cleaners Harold Wood since discovering them last year. It is excellent to feel that you can always rely on a team of cleaners, to get your domestic cleaning done in the way that you like it. I have certain directions for how things are cleaned, and they always seem to adhere to them, which is perfect for me!
Jimmy Williams07/01/2014